Do you know What Is the Untapped Goldmine for Realtors? Tips on Choosing a Good Realtor How To Find A Good Realtor Do you know What Is the Untapped Goldmine for Realtors? Traditionally, brokers work very hard for minimal commissions when a client buys or sells a property and the broker has a listing agreement or brokerage contract with the owner of the property.

Many successful brokers target a niche market usually associated with demographics, zip codes, or even a neighborhood. All but a few brokers have overlooked a continuous gold mine as one of these niche markets. What Is the Untapped Goldmine for Realtors?

What Is the Untapped Goldmine for Realtors?

Real estate investors are shunned or hated by brokers for a number of reasons.

1. Real estate agents think that most investors know less than they do about real estate and are therefore difficult to deal with.

2. Investors want low real estate prices, brokers want high prices for higher commissions.

3. Investors will quickly walk away from deals before closing if the investor feels they can’t make money, leaving the broker empty-handed and having to find another buyer.

4. Investors are even pickier when buying a home than a buyer who will live in the home.

5. In most cases, investors do not need brokers to sell their properties.

6. Investors use so-called “weasel clauses” in their contracts to get out of the deals if they change their minds about the property.

So with all these and many more issues between brokers and investors, how can they work together? Both parties need to better understand what the other is about. Brokers are not used to taking market risks when buying real estate and must earn a living from commissions or fees.

The great value of brokers to investors is their ability to find buyers for the investors’ properties.

The brokers who are most successful in dealing with investors are the ones who create a buyer’s list of other investors who are actually buyers and not just the so-called “Looky Lous”. Another great advantage is that the broker can use their autoresponder capabilities on the MLS and sort keywords on new or reduced-price lists to send to their investor list.

Keywords are important to search tools; such as short sale, foreclosure, business owner, REO, must sell, probate, estate sale, owner transferred, etc. By having multiple investors on the same sorting list, the broker has minimal or no time to search for important offers.

Probably the biggest problem for investors is how is the broker paid? with new or experienced investors, and every investor starts out as new at some point. Seasoned investors understand the entire selling process and rely much less on brokers for as much help as newbies. However, they can make a decision about buying a home in minutes. What Is the Untapped Goldmine for Realtors?