This is The Truth About Realtors. I recently read that an annual poll of Americans rated real estate agents as one of the least respected professions in the country. For the first time in history, real estate agents fell not only at the bottom of the list but even among unlicensed, non-governmental professions. Yes, we’ve finally beaten the used cars How To Find A Good Realtor salesman is a least respected profession. Different polls have yielded different results, but this poll focused on a professional’s confidence to give good advice. The Truth About Realtors

Here lies a special riddle for me. For starters, certain significant differences exist between professions. They must then pass the licensing exam. This is The Truth About Realtors.

The Truth About Realtors

A real estate agent, as a seller’s broker, can usually spot the red flags related to mortgage fraud and alert his client to the possibility and potential sources of relief to avoid an undesirable outcome (such as jail time). In short, the real estate agent is a professional and in some cases can not only sell your house but also keep you out of legal trouble.

Did you know that a real estate agent falls under the same law as a lawyer? Correct; it’s called the Act of Agency and it varies a bit from state to state, but essentially it says that a broker is legally obligated to put your interests above their own. The point is this: lawyers and brokers are bound by the same laws. Yet somehow lawyers rate MUCH higher in the poll.

Ever considered what it costs to just practice real estate? Between the cost of joining the local state. And state boards, as well as local MLS rights, with service fees, website fees, error and omission insurance, advertising fees, AND broker-related fees and dues, a broker pays thousands of dollars (even tens of thousands) each year just to be a real estate agent.