Anyone does not know How to Find Real Estate in Yucatan. The last year 2007 I went on an amazing trip to Yucatan in Mexico, I’m so glad I did when I finally bought my first piece of real estate in Mexico, yes that’s right Mermaid Yucatan Real Estate. How to Find Real Estate in Yucatan.

On day 2 of the trip, John and I went to an estate agent. Just as they were closing and asked to see. A shortlist of properties in Yucatan. He was more than happy to take us along so the next day we had an early breakfast, John had bacon and eggs and said he always bought investment houses in the US with a full breakfast because he was an expert on real estate. I thought he was right and had a fattening breakfast too.

The real estate agent met us at the hotel which was very nice as we had to move hotels. To another location due to a mess. He said Mermaid Centro was a good choice. And clearly explained the advantages of the area it was great we. We also asked some young people about the neighborhood as we find that they are generally quite honest. About what they think about things and we thought that. If there were any problems with the neighborhood. The kids would know.

Real Estate in Yucatan

So, After seeing three properties in Mermaid. We decided we wanted something big enough for a small pool. A plunge pool or just a plunge pool for a cool dip on those hot days. We also loved the beautiful colored tiles on the walls of most of the houses and decided these were our 2 wishes.

I remember well at pm the real estate agent in Yucatan drove us to a small house with a classic gate. Wow, I thought if it has so much character on the outside what the inside will look like the house was listed. For $65,000 USD, the agent found a good deal.

When exploring Yucatan real estate options, as a buyer you may notice that Mexico Land offers a wide variety of interesting options. However, you may be wondering if buying land is the right choice for you. While there are definitely reasons to buy other types of properties in the many thriving real estate areas of the Yucatan Peninsula, including Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Merida, and the now-emerging Campeche real estate area, here are some key reasons for buyers to consider buying land on the Yucatan Peninsula.

One is retirement. For those who plan to retire in the warm Yucatan climate and still have a few years left, buying land to build your own home for the quietest years of your life is a great option. Prospective retirees are buying plots of land in places such as Tulum, where AldeaZama provides a concrete example of a rustic-modern, village-like setting.

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Another place that has been a choice for some people starting to plan for retirement is the coast of Campeche, where one particular development is being sold on plots starting at $ 55,000; this area is a great opportunity for those who have to plan their retirement with a smaller budget, but still want to enjoy a seaside lifestyle. While some retirees prefer the convenience of an apartment, the land provides a real and viable option for those planning ahead with some time to design and build.

Second, whether you plan to retire or not, the idea of ​​designing and building your own dream home is attractive to many buyers. You may have looked at many homes for sale and seen great ideas, but you would prefer to do a little “mixing and matching” in terms of design and ideas.

Or maybe the ones you’ve seen are just out of your budget. Buying land and building a home can often allow for “bigger” dreams at a lower cost. Whether you imagine a home on the beach overlooking the ocean with a cool breeze or very close to nature, where you can live in an ecologically clean community, such as those in Cozumel or Tulum, land options in the Yucatan are numerous, attractive, and offers in a wide range of prices.

Of course, the land is always a favorite for investors who can build a home to resell at a profit or invest in commercial land for larger projects. Established real estate areas on the Yucatan Peninsula, such as Cancun or Merida, show a solid history of profitable ventures for investors. Land in developing areas, such as Campeche, Tulum, or even Costa Maya, about an hour south of Tulum, is being offered at lower prices and is currently showing great promise for growth.

Buyers of land in the Yucatan, as elsewhere, need to consider several variables in their plans for their future home or project. One is the time factor; how long will it take you to build your dream home and any other construction you need? The other factor is the price. You need to consider the cost of construction in your overall plans. Do you have these funds now or are you planning for the future? How sure are you that you will have these funds? Many times the management of land sales projects offers quality opportunities to build affordable housing.

Make sure you study these factors and plan them carefully to make sure your experience of buying land in the Yucatan will be the best possible experience. Finally, as with all real estate solutions, your best first step is to find a qualified, experienced and dedicated agent who will guide you in buying the land that is best for your situation.