How To Find A Good Realtor Choosing the Right San Diego Realtor for YOU! Whether you’re buying or selling a home, it’s one of the biggest financial events you’ll encounter only a few times in your life. That makes choosing a broker just as important and a crucial decision that can magnify the stressful event or make it smoother and easier. So choose your broker as carefully as you would choose your doctor or lawyer. Choosing the Right San Diego Realtor for YOU!

The first step.

The first step in choosing the RIGHT broker is to ask your friends, neighbors, acquaintances, and business associates for recommendations. Ask them why they liked the broker, what kind of service they provided, and would they use them again? Do not take into account recommendations from their relatives – it is doubtful that you will get an accurate picture of the broker. Choosing the Right San Diego Realtor for YOU!

If you haven’t been given any truly exemplary recommendations, drive around your neighborhood and check the “for sale” signs, especially those with “Sold” on them. Note the names of the brokers. Also check out real estate, display, and classifieds in your newspaper and local neighborhood newspaper. Which brokers have the most offers? Which ones have the biggest or most display ads with pictures of the houses? Note the names of the brokers. Choosing the Right San Diego Realtor for YOU!

Choosing the Right San Diego Realtor for YOU!

By now you should have a good list of potential brokers. It’s time to check them out. Attend at least one open house for any real estate agent you are considering. Observe them in action and rate their expertise. Are they professional – or do they come across as a “used car salesman”? How familiar is the real estate agent with the property he/she is selling? After you leave, take detailed notes of your observations and how you felt about the broker.

If you’ve only used the recommendations of others, check the newspaper and neighborhood media classifieds now for the brokers you’re interested in. Take the drive through your neighborhood to see how many boards these brokers have for sale. Take notes of how visible these brokers are and of their marketing efforts.

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