Short Sales New Rules in Foreclosure Cases Short Sales New Rules in Foreclosure Cases Strategic Short Sale Short Sales – Homeowner’s Road to Recovery! Anyone Can Do a Short Sale? Yes, it’s true, anyone CAN short sale. But, the real question for any REALTOR considering taking on this challenge is “Why would you want to do it?”

As a real estate agent, you may have already realized the enormous potential of pre-foreclosure short sales in today’s real estate market. With newspaper articles, Internet blogs, and even such big names as CNN and CBS touting the benefits of short selling. It’s almost impossible to go a day without hearing some new claim on how to capitalize on this great opportunity.

Brochures promoting

In fact, if you’re like most real estate agents and brokers, you currently receive emails and brochures promoting 1-3 day “Seminars”. That promise to teach you how “anyone” can learn the “secrets.” To make a short sale. Perhaps you’ve even taken the bait like many other agents looking for a head start, have decided to shell out the hundreds, and in some cases. Thousands of dollars can be attained through the business of short selling from a “self-proclaimed “guru.

Anyone Can Do a Short Sale

Have you ever really sat down to consider “what is the return on my investment for all the time and effort it takes to make a short sale?” Or better yet, “Am I really growing my business, or am I just spinning my wheels?” And perhaps, most important of all. I really the most qualified person to help homeowners who need a short sale?” Do you know Anyone who Can Do a Short Sale?

Let’s face it, the PROCESS of negotiating a short sale is actually quite simple on the surface. And if all goes well, “anyone” can actually negotiate a short payment with a lender. In fact, after handling a few transactions, you may even get very good at negotiating a deal with the banks. However, if you’ve tried your luck at short selling, then you know that after all the guru’s flowery promises fade. Anyone Can Do a Short Sale.